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Why Microsoft platform to build an IoT practice and solutions?


I would like to get opinions from other people in community about using Microsoft platform in order to start an IoT practice. As an entrepreneur, should one only focus on Microsoft or consider other platforms to provide an end-end IoT solution.




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MS provides a tremendous amout of technology to implement an end-to-end solution. Learning and mastering all of the services, apps and features provided by just this one vendor will take a great deal of effort. Trying to add another vendor would create additional work and could distract from the solution implementation as you would always be wanting to compare the choices between MS and the other vendor which would slow down you efforts to get the primary solution designed.

At key points, it may make sense to plan for an alternative option, but only implement it if needed by customer requirements. 

The azure marketplace is already filled with many companies that provide integration between MS and other vendors so it may be straightforward to add additional vendors

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I'm going to start Microsoft Azure IoT (only) for is this more confidently. Tested another platform, but Azure IoT is more confidently.