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SharePoint Hybrid Fedration Search Or SharePoint Online Cloud Search

Dear Sir,

Below is infomation about my customer.

1.SharePoint Server 2016 With Office Online Server Integrate
2.SharePoint Server 2016 is not internet facing, if user outside Corp network, must be connect via VPN first.
3.Customer want to get the search result (both on-premises and SharePoint online) in single one place (SharePoint Online), whatever user inside or outside Corp network.
Customer Expectation: When User click the on-premises search result from SharePoint Online Search Portal, can be check out and edit/ check in the document without VPN.

The question is customer expectation is can be achievable ? If yes, what kind of search is suitable ?





Hello! It is possible to consolidate search results across multiple SharePoint environments either on-premise or in a hybrid set up including SharePoint Online. You can learn more about SharePoint search here:

However, I do not believe that a user can access and edit documents from a non-internet facing farm without network access regardless of the search configuration.

It might be worth understanding why the SharePoint environment is blocked from the internet, because if it is a security policy, making search and document editing accessible may violate the intention of the policy - although it would be a more pleasant user experience.