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FSLogix Profile Disk - Bloated with MS Search .EBF File in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\S-XXXX

We have an issue whereby the Search EDB File in Users Profiles is growing and Bloating the Disk Size. With the File being stored in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\S-XXXX

We had assumed (possible incorrectly) that Disabling the Store Search Database in the Profile or o365 Container would prevent the file being created in either Profile Disk.

Below are the GPO Settings used in our environment so we have either mis-understood the configuration settings or options to exclude the EDB Files or found an undocumented "feature" in the version we have deployed which is 2.9.7979.62170

We have a fairly Standard FSLogix Deployment that is configured for Multi-Session Support via a GPO
Policy -> O365 -> Allow concurrent user sessions - Enabled
                              Enabled - Enabled
                              Store Search Database in Office 365 Container - Disabled
                              VHD Access Type - Unique Per Disk

Policy -> Profile -> Allow concurrent user sessions - Enabled
                              Enabled - Enabled
                              Store Search Database in Profile Container - Disabled
                              Profile Type - Try for Read-Write and fallback to Read-Only

So my query is have we mis-understood the configuration and if so other than using an Exclude in the redirection.xml file how can we ensure the Search Data isn't retained and doesnt fill up the RDS Server Local Disk Space when redirected to the C:\users\local_username\AppData\Roaming\....        folder than would be used by an exclude entry


@gsherry70 : Since this community is more focused on business-related topics than technical help, and limited amount of people with technical background are monitoring this , I would recommend to post this in the FSLogix technical community: FSLogix - Microsoft Tech Community

You can also contact Technical Presales & Deployment services team - - to get best practice guidance on how to configure FSLogix properly - though for this specific case it is not fully clear if this is a configuration issue or a technical problem that would need to be addressed by support.



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