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Do you have a pre-trained AI model?

Partners and customers with pre-trained AI models can now take advantage of Azure’s real-time inferencing platform. Azure Machine Learning recently launched “Project Brainwave” powered by Intel FPGAs.  FPGAs, or field programmable gate arrays, are super flexible chips that enable Microsoft to reprogram their purpose as fast as needed. Luckily for you, Microsoft does all the FPGA programming so you can take advantage of the performance and super low latency.

Imagine recognition, via Resnet50, is already supported; with more models being onboarded. Image Recognition can provide value to companies in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

We are excited to see customers and partners take advantage of this platform.  I am very interested in hearing about uses cases, or even help needed.  For those ready to jump in, you can explore the public preview by checking out the Project Brainwave GitHub resources