AI is taking off in warp speed - re-shaping the landscape!

It is amazing that now everyone is talking about AI! A year ago it was still in a bit unknown but now AI is on everyone's lips.

I meet a number of partners every week (both in-person and over Skype) and AI is now becoming a differentiating factor or more of a check-box. Most partners that I talk to got at least some ideas around AI and that is good.

This Spring we hear political leaders, governments and the press talking about AI and every Microsoft Partner need to realize that it is low hanging fruit to be part of the AI movement! When there is a strong wave that is reshaping things in the way AI is predicted to influence us all it is important (and highly profitable) to be part of it. The tide lifts all boats!

A word of caution is that you need to find a meaningful way to implement AI in your offerings. It is really time to invest in knowledge of AI in all levels which means developers, sales people and business leaders. There are great advice from Microsoft how to do it and I encourage you to spend time and money in getting to know how to capitalize on AI! 


Regards, Per