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windows startup

what about the idea is when I start my windows I mean the new windows 11 or in the next version I don't know when.. it starts with a song anything people choose it and u can make people pay for it I think too many people would have something like that it will be good and funny I don't know if this thing exists or know but I hope you like it thankyou

Level 4 Contributor

@mina I think this is a great idea. Now you can also do it for free. You have to switch off fast boot, enable Windows startup sound, download your startup sound, convert it, and replace your Windows startup sound.


Here you can find detailed instructions on every step of what I mentioned.


Here is a great tip from me - don't forget to backup your Microsoft Office 365 accounts if you have important emails and contacts, as even Microsoft recommends using third-party solutions for saving important information.

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okay i will move it thank you 

Community Manager

Hey @mina ,


Thanks for this Idea, I think you have better chances of getting it reviewed and accepted if you share it here.

I will move this post in another forum, as this section is dedicated to improvements related to this particular platform.


Thank you,