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Level 1 Contributor

iSCSI target max

Daer Member,

Is there a limit to the number of ISCSI target ,

we have 2 number of iscsi LUN over microsoft cluster server and those assing to 16 number of Esxi host. But problem is after

8 host its not support

windows 2016 storage server (Hpe Storeserv )

esxi 6.7


Hi Sandip,

I am not a technical engineer but I remember that there is some kind of limitation (but I believe it is for the number of concurrent active connections). My suggestion is that you either file a support ticket (using one of the support incidents that you have in MPN) and/or that you contact the hardware vendor (HP in your case) as they will probably be able to help you. I find HP being great to work with!


Regards, Per

Level 1 Contributor

Hi Per,

Thanks For reply we have configure concarrent active connection to all my esxi hosts but as i say only 8 host are connected.

i need to know any limite on IScsi terget LUN