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Level 3 Contributor

dcpromo failed

hello i tried to install the read only domain controller role and received the following error;

can anyone help?

10-2-2018 4-31-13 PM.png

Level 5 Contributor

To resolve this issue, use one of the following methods:


Use ADSIEDIT.MSC to assign the DN path for the fsMORoleOwner attribute to a live DC that was a direct replication partner of the original FSMO role owner. Then wait for that change to inbound-replicate to the DC that's being demoted.


Run the script in the Resolution section of KB949257 for the partition in question.


If the DC that's being demoted can't inbound-replicate changes for the directory partition in question, run the DCPROMO /FORCEREMOVAL command to forcefully demote the domain controller.


Rachel Gomez

Level 6 Contributor

Please run;
  • Dcdiag /v /c /d /e /s:DCName >c:\dcdiag.log
    (please replace DCName with your domain controller's netbios name)
  • ipconfig /all > C:\dc1.txt
  • ipconfig /all > C:\dc2.txt
    then put files up on OneDrive and share a link.
 (ignore the idiotic smiliey, should have been /s : DCName without the spaces)