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Level 2 Contributor

configure dhcp scope using powershell

hello i would like to create a powershell that will add the following dhcp scope


network - /24



router -

dns -

domain -domain.com



what is the syntax?

Level 2 Contributor

i got most of it working . thanks for the links. 


i am stuck on one thing and i cant seem to find the syntax


i am trying to configure multiple DNS servers for a specific scope using Powershell. Does anyone know how to perform this?


here is what i currently am using. 


Set-DhcpServerv4OptionValue  -ScopeId -OptionId 6 -Value ""


If i use a comma (such as Value "," it still only adds a single dns entry. another way to do it?

Level 6 Contributor

did you try?

Value "", ""