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Windows server 2016 rds connected to WSUS


At a customer we have a windows server 2016 RDS connected to a WSUS.

We want to disable automatic updates for that server. We want to install it manually.

So i diabled the automatic updates policy. And i've run SCONFIG en set it to Manual.

Appearently this does not work. Server did an reboot yesterday caused by installed updates.


 Does anyone have a validated procedure on how to disbale this?

Level 6 Contributor

Try setting;


NoAutoUpdate = 1 (reg_dword)



Level 1 Contributor


Thanks but that was the case. That's why I'm worried 😞

Noautoupdate was set to 1 and usewsus also1 that was the only thing


Now i Changed everything to download only:


Level 6 Contributor

Might try clearing out and start over. Delete the entire registry key HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate
then restart Windows Update service which will revert the WUAgent to the original installed behavior of Automatic Updates and then set the desired behavior usign the Control Panel | Windows Update