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Level 1 Contributor
Level 1 Contributor

Windows file search issue

Hi, I'm having a really strange issue with a user that uses Windows Search on their file server. The server is a 2012 R2 VM, and the client OS is Win7 Pro. We'll get a call that the search isn't working, and we'll find that if we connect to his PC, it will show search results, but with no metadata. It just shows the icon of the type of file it is. 

If we then go in and remove and reindex the search database, it will start working again for a day or two, then break in the exact same way. We've tried a ton of different things to try to fix this, including deleting the index DB by hand, reindexing the server, etc.

We're running out of ideas, and I was wondering if anyone had seen this and could lend some advice.