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Windows 2016 OEM license issue


We have a customer that asked us if he can downgrade his Windows 2016 OEM license to Windows 2012? he have a software that can't work on Windows 2016 

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and OEMs are bound unnder contract with microsoft to provide the support so you'll need to contact the OEM for the downgrade key.



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Downgrade rights allows you to install a previous version, in your case 2012R2. You don't install 2016 then downgrade it, you install 2012R2 which uses downgrde rights. If you want 2012R2 installed on the metal, you'll need to do a clean install. As it's an OEM version, you can probably find an OEM 2012 disc to do the install. If not a generic version should activate with the key in the BIOS, but you may have to add custom drivers.