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WEBINAR: Learn how the Partner Innovation Experience is showcasing and telling the story around MSFT partners innovation solutions

Tuesday, November 16th, 2021 - 8:00am-8:45am


Event Description

In this webinar we will be discussing the Partner Innovation Experience which is a website designed to tell the story and showcase the latest innovations across Microsoft's broad ecosystem of partner solutions spanning the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge. We will also be educating on how partners can get involved. Will your partners innovation be featured next? If you would like your content featured on the website please fill out the form below!





Partner Innovation Experience Website

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Featured Speakers


Alexa Despenas, Communications Manager, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft Corporation.  vjillarmour_0-1635280706009.png

As a communications manager within the GPS communications & events team, Alexa works to showcase and create messaging to support storytelling around Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and intelligent edge partner solutions of all types. Through a variety of platforms and opportunities, her goal is to share the successes and opportunities partners have through partnering with Microsoft. Her efforts to showcase the broad array of partner innovations show up as part of events and demos on a global scale, public relations messaging, partner programs, within videos produced for social media as well as part of the Partner Innovation Experience.


Blake Mitchell, Communications Manager, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft Corporation.  vjillarmour_1-1635280706013.png

As a senior communications manager within the GPS communications & events team, Blake has led and trained a demo team to drive showcasing Microsoft intelligent edge and intelligent cloud partner solutions of all form factors at hundreds of industry events on a global scale. He is also responsible for providing partner solutions that are used for marketing opportunities ranging from executive keynotes, sales motions, product announcements, and engineering testing efforts. As a part of the role Blake continues to lead the development of the Partner Innovation Experience, and drive a video series focused on the latest innovation and trends in technology titled 'Tech Trends'.