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Updates on Microsoft To-Do



I was wondering on a couple of important notes on Microsoft To-Do. I love the app, I'm pushing it to customers and the general public in my blog but I'm receiving a lot of great questions that I'd love to answer.

1. The Road Map doesn't have any information on Microsoft To-Do. Will updates be put in the Office 365 Road Map or is there another place to look?

2. Is Microsoft To-Do replacing Outlook tasks?

Level 4 Contributor

Hello, Anonymous, as the official Microsoft website states from the recent time important updates are already available in Microsoft To Do apps. Choose one of the links below to do it in the needed official app store:


For Microsoft Store users

For Mac App Store users

For iOS App Store users

For Google Play Store users


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Hi @Anonymous, thanks for asking. I have emailed someone and will let you know what they say.