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Unable to connect or remotely access Hyper-V guest VM.

Working with a windows 2016 vm which is a domain controller that for a while has not allowed console logins via Hyper-V nor remote logins.

Using Hyper-V Connect gui shows the locked login screen and clicking on ctrl-alt-delete button flashes the screen but the login prompt does not show. Remotely accessing via RDP, you get prompt for credentials and after entering creds it looks to log you on but then cononection closes out before you actually successfully are logged in.

The VM is a node on a failover cluster with virtual machine version 9. At the inception the vm was part of an older standalone hyper-v host. You can ping it and it appears to be operating normally as one of several on premise domain controllers. Also we have access to it via powershell direct from the hyper-v host. Looking at the event logs does now show anything obvious.

Has anyone seen this behavior and have a solution to resolve logins via the GUI?



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Just to add to this recommended solution: You must run Hyper-V Manager using an account that is in the Administrators group or Hyper-V Administrators group on the HyperV Server. Otherwise, you will NEVER be able to connect to the Hyper-V host. If your management workstation’s administrator account does not have those capabilities, hold down [Shift] while right-clicking the Hyper-V Manager shortcut, and then choose Run as a different user.


Rachel Gomez

Level 6 Contributor

The cleanest / simplest / quickest solution is to turn it off, seize roles (if necessary)



then do metada cleanup



and stand up a new one for replacement.