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Sharing common files across Teams

Here is scenario.  HR owns and maintains documents.  OPS department members need access to a particular document under HR.  Rather than create a copy to the OPS teams, HR wants to invite the members from OPS to a specific channel and move this document into this channel.  Over time this same document maybe needed to be shared across teams.  How best is this accomplished? Given our understanding of permissions in Teams, from the very beginning, if in above scenario, company Teams are made up of departments, create these departments with all and sundry(guests) having access to each team.  General channel is marked Public.  Then create a separate private channel for the department members.  Thereafter channels are created with other members added as and when common access is required for a document.  This document is moved from the private channel to the channel requiring specific access and members are added/removed here accordingly.  Is there a better way?

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Thanks but the point is not to have copies of a file but only the original to whoever in the company needs access.  How can this be achieved pls?

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Select Attach Choose file button beneath the box where you type your message in a channel.

Do one of the following:
• Select Recent to choose a file you recently opened, and then select Upload a copy.
• Select Browse Teams and Channels to choose from all the files you have access to in Teams, and then select Upload a copy or Share a link.
• Select OneDrive or Upload from my computer (depending on where the file is located), and then select Upload a copy or Open.

You can also go to the Files tab and select Upload.



Rachel Gomez