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Level 1 Contributor
Level 1 Contributor

Server 2016 Server Bakcup Encrypted GDPR


I have a question about Server Backup in the 2016 server.

A Client wants to know if the backups that are on USB disks are encrypted.

For his GDPR the backup needs to be encrypted.

Since the disk is not visible when connecting to another PC i think it must be ok but he wants a official discription from Microsoft so he can show it on the security responsable .

So is there a website where i can find some document.




Level 4 Contributor

Hello, Dca. You need to have Shielded Virtual Machines and Guarded Fabric configured. You can encrypt your VMs and run them only on the verified hosts. This will help to protect them from ransomware and malware.


You asked about a helpful link to the Microsoft website with instructions. Here it is.


With this article, you will be able to dive into generating and storing the crypto keys using TMP technology and other security configurations.


Additional advice from me - always use a solid and verified third-party solution for your Microsoft 365 data backup. This will help to recover successfully in the future.