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Recover disabled mailboxes from Exchange 2013

We recently did a hardware migration of MS Exchange 2013 CU11 to a new Exchange 2013 CU21 server. This involved using the move mailbox wizard to move all the mailboxes. The process was completed successfully and after waiting a few weeks, we finished by uninstalling Exchange 2013 from the old server. Nothing else was done to the old server, and the old databases and logs are still in place.
The client has now advised us that there were a number of disabled mailboxes that they had forgotten about, and now need to have recovered. We tried to use the recovery database option on the new server to mount the old databases but this failed, as the Windows server version is different.
As only CU21 and CU22 are avilable for download, how should we proceed to reinstall Exchange 2013 on the old server in order to recover the deleted mailboxes? I presume we use setup /mode:recoverserver but will this work with CU22 and will this allow us to recover the deleted mailboxes? The retention period was set for 1 year so they "should" be there.
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Hello, @sota, firstly you should remember that the disabled mailboxes may not show up in the main view. I would reconnect it using this instruction:


1) Go to EAC and find Recipients and Mailboxes in the interface.

2) Click More and after that, click Connect a mailbox.

3) Now you can see the list of the disconnected mailboxes.

4) Now click the disabled mailboxes, you have to reconnect and confirm your choice by Connect and Yes.


After the reconnection process, I recommend reading this helpful step-by-step guide.


Don't forget to backup your important 365 mailboxes, check out this solution. As malware, ransomware, and hackers issues are something nobody is waiting for and your organization can be at risk.

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OK, thank you.

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You're welcome.