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New Options for Office 365 Security

Office 365 announced Saturday 3 new capabilities to help defend your organization from cyber threats and compliance risks. The number of security signals has risen in recent years and catching all of them has become increasingly difficult. Office 365's new technology aims to manage these risks and help keep you ahead of threats.


Check out the blog post for more details! Further, please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

Level 4 Contributor

Anonymous, thank you for a great post. New security features give more chances to protect the environment and data from cyber threats.


The problem is that users do not use the old capabilities, which can secure their accounts and information. Here is the list of my security recommendations, which can help with data safety (and recoverability):


1. Always monitor the Microsoft Secure Score menu. If your score is below 30%, please follow the prompts and the instructions in MSS to raise it.


2. Multi-factor authentication is a must in today's digital world.


3. Configure email protection against phishing attacks.


4. Improve anti-malware protection of your environment.


5. Learn more about Safe Attachments functionality.


6. Admin accounts' security should be on a high level.


7. It is important to educate your employees, and give them more information and instructions on what to do to be more attentive to data safety, as the human factors can cause big problems.


8. Here you can find more best practices to secure Microsoft 365:




Microsoft's official website notes that it is important to use a reliable third-party Microsoft 365 backup too, click for more info, as responsibility for your data recoverability is always on you.