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Failing Backups

Backups are failing on a Windows 2012 R2 Essential Server.

When I check wbadmin get status I only get server execution failed.

The Block Level Backup Engine fails to start with this error 0x800700b7 cannot create a file when that already exists.

Can anyone give me advice to resolve this issue.

Thank You

Level 4 Contributor

Hello, @SBSMATTERS. There can be several reasons for your problem. Here is a list of the possible ones:


1) Your antivirus can be in conflict with the system restore process

2) You may have ransomware or malware issues

3) Fails in the registry or failed or pending install process


Here you can find a lot of step-by-step guides to solve your problem.


If I were you, I would also consider this backup solution, which is reliable in the ransomware protection tasks for backups. MO365 backups are the first thing an administrator of any organization should think about.

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