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Dynamics 365 licensing

According to the latest guide released in January 2019 My understanding with this is a Team Member only can have access to a maximum to 15 custom entities to create update and delete.I have some questions for you:


  1. Apparently Read Access is not included here. Do you know If Read Access only for entities in security roles counts as an entity under this rule?
  2. How Append and Append To permissions work under this schema?
  3. What happen if an user has more than one security role associated, and each security role associates the same custom entity, does this entity count more than once? 
  4. Finally is there a way to manage licenses for  users which have more than 15 custom entities? Do we have to purchase a D365 customer engagement plan license, the cost difference is high and what happen if the user only needs less than 20 custom entities? 

Your comments and thoughts will be welcome.



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Good question!

The entity count could be a unique count I guess. Typically this type of license is used for simple read access and run simple reports.

Microsoft is ideally expecting that right licenses are

  1. Bought by Customers Or
  2. Sold by Partners

The license restrictions are non-negotiable and compliance is expected at the time of renewal.

The latest Licensing Guide released in April 2019 can be accessed here

Please read the attached screenshot from the Licensing Guide.


Please explore the PowerApps Plans and Licensing. This is a great option for custom solutions that doesn't require the entire feature set of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

The two plans at the moment are

  1. PowerApps Plan 1 - US $7 per user per month
  2. PowerApps Plan 2 - US $40 per user per month

Please read more about it here





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