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Dynamics 365 AD FS issue

I'm having problem with Dynamics 365 version

Not possible to connect to CRM via https. Also is not possible to use CRM outlook add-on.

I have used self signed wildcard certificate for AD FS, and got this warnings during installation.


When I try to add https://auth.contoso.com/federationmetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml to Relying Party Trust, I get this errorerror - adfs management.PNG


Just to mention, I had this working before, I was able to connect, but since that I updated to this update, and it was not working anymore. Therefore I reinstalled ADFS service, but this seems like a bad step. 


If anyone understands this, and willing to help, I will gladly provide more details.


I sincerelly appreciate your assistance!  

Level 5 Contributor

To resolve this issue, use the method that's appropriate for your situation.


Scenario 1: The AD FS token-signing certificate expired

Check whether the token-signing certificate is expired

To check whether the token-signing certificate is expired, follow these steps:


Click Start, click All Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click AD FS (2.0) Management.

In the AD FS management console, click Service, click Certificates, and then examine the Effective and Expiration dates for the AD FS token-signing certificate.

If the certificate is expired, it has to be renewed to restore SSO authentication functionality.


Rachel Gomez

Level 6 Contributor
Level 1 Contributor

I don't have this specific event id 415 in my logs.


Thanks, I will use this dedicated forum for Dynamics 365

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Sounds good, you're welcome.