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Level 1 Contributor
Level 1 Contributor

Download ISO LTSC N 1809

I am trying to get the ISO of LTSC N 1809.
In my Dashboard this Version is offered. There is also a key attaced.
But if I download the Image, I get the LTSC Edition instead of LTSC N.

The given key won't be accepted in this image.
How do I get the image I need?


As far as I know the download will include all LTSC versions, the key will make it a LTSC N or normal LTSC. If the key is not accepted, then it is required to open a support ticket in either Partner Center (if you are talking about MPN benefits) or VLSC support (if this is about a customers Windows 10 LTSC download).


Kind regards, Janosch
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Level 1 Contributor
Level 1 Contributor

Thank you for your fast reply,
I opened a support ticket in the partner center.