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Adding Add-on Tables to Limited User License Table Allocation Dyn. NAV 2017

As above.  Is it possible to to add an ISV's own licensed and certified add-on (Table objects), to the permitted "Limited User Included Tables"?  This is for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and 2018.

If so, please could you send me the procedure for putting in such a request with the Microsoft Licensing Team?

Many thanks,

Mark D'Alelio

Level 1 Contributor

Hi all,

this is a topic of high interest also for me. Does anyone has an answer to this question? I'm mainly interested for BC version.

In my world it is common sense, for ISVs, since they have a dedicated object range to built their solution, they should also provided with a number of tables that can be allocated to limited users for the add-on role. Microsoft currently does not allow this and it is prohibitive for add-on partners to provide a limited user role for their functionality resulting to lost sales. 

Looking forward for any updates or thoughts this matter.

Thanks in advance,

Pavlos Papantoniou

Level 1 Contributor

You can.  You need to get in contact with the team over at LURSR@microsoft.com.  They're not the speediest to respond, and I have had to chase them for answers/updates to my enquiries, but I am told that such enquiries should be relayed through this channel.  Hope that helps.  

Level 1 Contributor

Thanks Mark for your reply. Have you tried something similar for your case and you succeed?

We already have sent to that email and after few exchange of messages we got an answer that this might not be possible to happen. The reason I'm posting here is because we didn't get a clear justification why it is not possible.

Level 1 Contributor

Yes, just do not expect a speedy response from this department.