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NEW: 4 Practice Development Playbooks

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As of last week, Partners can now download these highly impactful practice development playbooks that focus on the "how to" of four key cloud practices:

  1. Cloud Infrastructure & Management
  2. Data Platform & Analytics
  3. Cloud Application Development
  4. Enterprise Mobility & Security

Each playbook contains insight from the research studies, business oriented best practices and case studies from top-performing Partners, and an overview of additional resources Partners can leverage across the practice development process. Practical information includes:

  • Industry data to help define your solution offer and maximize your profitability, including details on the project services, managed services, and packaged IP other partners are integrating into their solutions and what they charge.
  • Details on what roles you need to launch your practice, along with job descriptions, compensation information, and insights into how to find talent in the market and how to keep your team up to speed on the latest technology.
  • Best practices in developing and executing proofs of concept and architectural design sessions.

For more information, view the recent postings about these playbooks via MPN Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Re: NEW: 4 Practice Development Playbooks

Thank you, very insightful even for those who already have these practice in place.