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So What’s a Typical Peer Group Meeting Look Like?

Most peer groups have at their core, a focus on bringing anywhere between 5 – 15 non-competing companies together. This might be monthly for half or a full day through to other examples like two days once a quarter. It could include just the CEO or their entire executive team.


The variations of that schedule will depend a lot on the peer group you join and the level within that group you sign up for. Also, there will be events where you might participate with other peer groups from your city to listen to a speaker, undergo learning and so on. The same applies across states and countries where peer group members can choose to attend those larger gatherings.


Peeling the Onion


As part of our journey with the HTG Peer Groups (now ITNation Evolve), we joined in their face to face program. If you take a quick look at their North American agenda, you can see how the year is structured –



CW Agenda.png


Those dates for the business leaders are normally two full days of meetings with their group which can be at the start or end of the week. In the middle of the week is normally a “community day” where all the groups get together to network, share and learn.


If you look at agendas for different peer groups, you will see a lot of variation. This is also a good way to identify if the content, style or approach of that peer group is going to suit your company. Here, for example, is a typical Vistage monthly meeting agenda –


7:30 AM – Meeting begins. Introductions and significant events. Members share two significant events that have occurred during the past 30 days, one personal and one business-related.

8:30 AM – Key performance indicator review.

8:50 AM – Break

9:00 AM – Speaker presentation

10:20 AM – Break

10:40 AM – Speaker presentation (continued)

12:00 PM – Lunch

12:45 PM – Host presentation

1:30 PM – Executive Session –  Issue/challenge/opportunity processing

2:30 PM – Break

2:45 PM – Executive Session (continued)

4:15 PM – Calendar of future events

4:25 PM – Group business, biggest take-away, Plus/Delta to group norms

4:30 PM – Close



Is it Worth It?

Knowing that something could help and taking advantage of it are two different things. When it comes to peer groups, there is not only a lot of choices but also a lot at stake. You’re investing time, energy and money to get a result. However, that result is not often what you would first imagine. The best way to explain is to share some of the great videos from across a few chosen peer groups to help you discover more –