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break/fix forums

Hi Gay's,

Microsoft has announced that:

Beginning on June 30th 2018, members will no longer be able to post questions and content in this Partner Support Community however all the current content will remain accessible until 30th August 2018.

Is this site the replacement for partners break/fix site? or Microsoft has stop break/fix forums that was as part of the Partners benefits?


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Sad to see it retire. It was one of the best forum to post question and solutions

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I'm also interested to hear more about this! Old Partner Support Community forums were a good channel to discuss technical matters together with MS technicians and also with another partners. At the moment the situation is unclear that if the old forum will be shut down, where we could continue this kind of discussions? Public Technet forums are not a good substitute for the old forum because there are also consumers etc. in those discussions. My opinion is that we definitely need some kind of "Partners Only" forum. And (at least at the moment) this current site doesn't provide same kind of capabilities what the old forum provided. I have already asked from our local MS Partner Channel about this matter, but I haven't received any answers.

We would really appreciate if MS could provide a clear instructions how we should proceed in the future.

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Compeletly agree with you when you said "Public Technet forums are not a good substitute for the old forum "

I am also really disapointed with this move because when we paid our membership fee and become a MS partner (13 year ago) one of the benefits was the use of managed fourms.

Also MS support says:

Beginning on June 30th 2018, members will no longer be able to post questions and content in this Partner Support Community however all the current content will remain accessible until 30th August 2018. After this date this community will be retired and partners can go to the Microsoft Partner Community for partnership and membership topics and to TechNet for technical product support topics.(Sticky posts and Announcement ).

This is also not true becuase we missing all of our posts between 22th march 2017 untill today.

So what is going on here?

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I must say that renewing Partner services has been a total mess... Positive thing is that now it is possible to use your Azure AD identity to login to Partner site and you don't need to use those private MS accounts. But basically that is the only positive thing...

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I was afraid of this, none looking to these questions. so how should rely on this forum to troubleshoot our issues?

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Quite quiet around here... Seems to be very useful this new forum...

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sorry but which fourm are you talking about? I see any replies?
ok haha I think I get you! you are right, very useful 😞

Hello guys, and apologies for the very late response to your questions.

The Microsoft Partner Community was created in order to provide an open, free and simple platform for partner-to-partner discussions, with some involvement from MS SMEs. However, it is important to note that it is not meant as a replacement to  our Support services.

We are slowly ramping up this community, getting more partners, more influencers and more SMEs to join and help. We would love your active participation as well!

If you have any specific questions please go ahead and ask them. We will do our best to either find out the answers or to find the best resource to help you further.

Thank you for your patience and continued interest!

Miki, MPC team

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Hi Miki,

And thank you for your reply. Better late than never 😉

I totally understand that this forums is not a replacement for official MS Support Services. But quite often we face some strange issues which probably are not so critical and we just would like to discuss with other partners about those matters. In this scenarios old Partner forum was very useful.

I also understand that this new forum is developing all the time, but we partners would appreciate if MS would give us some information that how we could get same kind of support also in the future what that old forum provided for us. My personal opinion is that at the moment this new forum is quite unclear. For example if we would like to discuss about some bug/problem related to Config Manager I really don't know where I should post that question in this new forum. And also if I would like to search all the threads related only for ConfigMgr, at the moment I'm not able to do that. So I hope that you could create some kind of structure here for different MS technologies, in a same way as it was in the old forum and for example in the public Technet forum. Public Technet forum is quite good, but many times there are questions which would be better to discuss only with other partners and MS technicians and not with the whole world.


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I agree with Ville!!  200%

I'm very disappointed.


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I also was happy with the managed partner forums, now they are gone, without any successor.

What do I find today in partner support? Blablabla and blabla. Sorry to say that, but obviously you don't want to support partners technically in the future.


It's all about marketing today, funny thing.






Hi Ville,

For technical questions, I would suggest you go to the techcommunity (here is a search for ConfigMgr as example). It does not distinguish between partners and customers, but it's a great resource for self-help and technical discussions.

Let me know if that helps. If you do have a specific question please let us know, and we'll do our best to help.