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How to build a foundation with Microsoft to accelerate your business

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What training does Microsoft offer?

Learning options.jpgWhat training does Microsoft offer and how can I take advantage of it?

Access to information and training has become unparalleled in recent years. That’s great news for lifelong learners such as yourself! But with so much material available, you want to invest your time wisely and participate in training that helps you boost your skills and expertise. This post highlights the valuable training Microsoft provides. For quick information, be sure the check out the three key takeaways at the end of the post.

Microsoft offers a host of training opportunities to help you nurture the skills you and your team need to stay relevant. To get started, check out our key resources:

  • Learning Portal – Find the newest courses and learning paths. The comprehensive learning paths help you plan your training trajectory. You can explore learning paths by role, difficulty level, products, partner type, and more! Be sure to check out the new releases for fresh content.
  • Learning Site – A learner’s paradise, this site enables you to find Microsoft certifications, locate online or in person courses, register for exams, and explore free online training.

Solution areas

We know that in today’s fast paced business environment, it’s easy to feel fragmented. We’ve grouped our training under four key solution areas to help you focus on the type of business that matters most to you:

  • Modern Workplace – If you’re concerned with building a strong modern workplace business, this is the content for you. It’s focused on Microsoft solutions in the areas of Collaboration, Modern Desktop, Security and Compliance, and Cloud Voice. Our content catalogue contains courses in a wide range of topics including security, solution sales, licensing sales, and more!
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence – Interested in building a robust Data Strategy and Analytics business? This training will get you on your way! It’s focused on Microsoft solutions in the areas of Data Platform and Advanced Analytics. Check out the specialized training content for data and artificial intelligence including courses on Azure SQL, Data Factory, and Machine Learning.
  • Business Applications – This training is crafted to help you develop strong Intelligent Business Applications businesses focused on Microsoft solutions in the areas of Customer Engagement, Operations, and Business Applications. Explore digital content for areas like field service, business app development, and Dynamics 365 sales.
  • Applications and Infrastructure – This is the perfect place to find training to help you establish sound businesses around Modern Applications, Line of Business (LOB) and Infrastructure. It’s focused on Microsoft solutions that include Cloud Infrastructure and Management and Application Innovation. The content catalogue contains valuable training around hybrid & public cloud infrastructure, web, mobile & media app platform, application life cycle and several other topics.

Under each solution area, you can check out related info on courses, certification, virtual events, onsite events and, of course, the content catalogue.

Why should I invest time in training?

You already have trouble finding time to eat, sleep, and relax a little so why should you squeeze in training too? There are several benefits to training which give you a great return on your time investment. The right training can help you grow your business and address customer challenges. Here are just a few of the benefits to training at Microsoft:

  • We all know training has personal value, but when members of your organization obtain training, it can also help you grow your business faster. The more skills and expertise your organization obtains, the easier they can sell and deploy technology services and solutions. Visit the learning site for product focused training to help your organization keep up to speed on the latest technologies.
  • Training is a vital component to achieving a Competency which has several core business benefits. For more on this, take a look at our previous post, What are Competencies?
  • Microsoft offers a wealth of free training content and what’s better than free? Go to the Microsoft Virtual Academy for complimentary training delivered by experts.
  • Microsoft training also offers more options the more training you achieve. Consider leveling up from a network partner to a Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) partner to a Silver and Gold level competency partner.

Three key takeaways on training

Have some more training tips to share or need some more information? Post your comments and questions here!