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What is a Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS)?

What is MAPS and how do I use it?

Remember the days of pouring over map books trying to plan your next mega road trip? Well our MAPS won't exactly help you trek cross country, but it will enable you to navigate and conquer the intimidating world of cloud business.

In Microsoft lingo, MAPS stands for Microsoft Action Pack Subscription. It's an affordable yearly subscription which can help you unlock unlimited potential. With software, support, and benefits for businesses, MAPS enables you to begin, build, and grow your Microsoft practice in the cloud-first, mobile-first world!

What does the subcription include?

For under $500 a year, you can leverage cloud benefits as an Action Pack Partner to sell more cloud volume and optimize your business. Benefits include:

  • World-class developer tools to create applications and solutions for your customers on iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows
  • Ten Windows 10 Enterprise (upgrade) licenses, three Visual Studio Professional licenses, and a no-cost Visual Studio Team Services account
  • Up to ten Office 365 (E3) seats, plus five seats of Enterprise Mobility Suite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional
  • US $100 of Microsoft Azure credits per month

You want more? You got it!

MAPS partners can also take advantage of Microsoft's general partner support like training, tech support and Microsoft marketing assets. The SureStep Program can help you start, grow, and optimize your cloud business. It offers differentiated resources and step by step guidance to help you reach the cloud your way!

What's next?

If you're ready to take the next step in your cloud business journey visit the Action Pack site and click 'Subscribe now' to become a MAPS partner.

Think you got this and are ready to showcase your expertise to customers? Consider earning Cloud Competencies and stay tuned for our post next week for more details!

Do you have more questions about MAPS? We'd love to hear from you so post them here!


Note: Action Pack partners initially receive five seats of Office 365. Partners will receive five additional seats when they sell at least 25 seats of Office 365 within the previous 12 months. Partners receive five seats of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online when they sell at least 50 seats of Office 365 or five seats of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online within the previous 12 months.


Re: What is a Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS)?

MAPS is a great subscription for smaller partners that are starting the journey towards Silver/Gold. Great value for a very reasonable sum!

Regards, Per


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Re: What is a Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS)?