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Queries from dev team

Not sure this is the right location selected, but Ihave received some queries about our entitlements as Microsoft Partner Network members, there are the two questions we have for Microsoft.   

  1. Our source code is in a git repository in VSTS (or Azure DevOps, as I think it’s now called).  We have set up builds that run on a build agent in the Microsoft cloud, and compile the code successfully.  We want to use this for continuous integration (e.g. run a build whenever code is checked in).  Is there any limitation on how many builds we can run, or can we assume that we can run builds as frequently as we want, for as long as we want?

 2. We’d like to publish some of the artifacts from our builds so that other repositories can then pick those artifacts up as dependencies.  Azure Artifacts looks like the right tool for the job here.  Is this something we have access to with our Microsoft partnership, or is it something we have to pay for?  I can go to look at our extensions (https://mclarensoftware.visualstudio.com/_admin/_extensions?tab=Manage&status=active) and see this:1.png

So I click on Browse Marketplace, search for “Artifacts”, find Azure Artifacts, and click on it, and it takes me here: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=ms.feed.  I click on the “Get” button, which takes me to https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/acquisition?itemName=ms.feed&auth_redirect=True, and what I can see here is the following:


So I’m a bit confused: it says it’s installed and can be used by free users (which, as MSDN subscribes, I thought we had), but I couldn’t see that extension earlier on in our organisation’s extensions.  Also, if I click on the Buy button, I see this:


So does this all mean that we can’t use Azure Artifacts without first buying it?  What is a “Visual Studio Enterprise” subscription, and do we have it?