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Partner Dev Manager?

Hello- I was directed to the Microsoft partner community to find out how our Partner Dev Manager is. Could anyone assist?

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While i am looking forward to coming over the 5th time into Inspire.. I am also looking for connecting with the OCP partner manager, for helping set up operations in South Central America, my company is going to be Head Quartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

We specialize in Azure Data Services, with over $2 million of revenue for Microsoft in the previous year in other geogrpahies and over 20 customers sigining up for Azure Consumption Programs.

Would sincerely appreciate a connect with the Manager responsible for South Central Amercia.




Hi @JordanStrozza! Thanks for your question. Where are you located?


 @Anonymous is this something you can help with?

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Hi, Zensar is focused on digital transformation and Azure Growth this year. We are CSP partners and have a solid Azure sales growth target this year. I am unable to connect with anyone to help us become managed SI/MSP partner. I need urgent help. Thank you