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Partner Admin Link Queries

Dear Partner Community,

We recently added our MPN ID through Partner Admin Link(PAL) to one of our clients. Following are my queries:

1)For consumption tracking through PAL, do we have to refer My Insights on MPN portal?

2)How do I confirm whether MPN ID is linked to the account? Because we didn't receive any mail or notification saying our MPN ID was attached to the account through PAL.

3)How many days does it take to reflect on My Insights?

4)Do we have to submit POE for PAL as we do for DPOR?

Look forward to your response.



Level 1 Contributor

These are good questions that have not been answered.  Can someone answer them?

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Yes, I have exact same questions as mohammed_basha.

Also, is it required for me to get access to my customers EA subscriptions and then do the link with entering my MPN ID?
Or is it okay if I just get the customer to do the link by entering my MPN ID?