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Need to get access to MOSPA

Hi, we have recently signed up as a partner with Microsoft. We are both a Microsoft Partner and a CSP. I am trying to sign a MOSPA agreement so that I can complete my indirect reseller formalities. From all the research I have done I see that to get MOSPA we have to sign in to the Partner Membership Center. This center requires I sign in with my Microsoft ID and not the Azure AD ID. So I create a Microsoft ID and sign in. Now I try and associate myself to my organization, I am not able to find my organization by MPN ID (both CSP and Partner) Or by name state etc. Can someone please help me?

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I've noticed if you use chrome the next best thing would be to try firefox. I know %100 if your using microsoft edge broser it should be able to function correctly. . .

When you say there is nothing coming up could you elabrate and provide a screenshot of your browsers version. It could be a issue with a outdated browser or some other error causing the site to imporperly function which I've notived has happend to me from time to time as well. . .




Last but not least make sure to also try clearing out your cache and possiblies site cookies just for this site domain microsoft (microsoftpartnercommunity.com)

Make sure when you first signed up with your partner account, the infomation is typed correctly as well if that isn't the issue make sure your browser cache is cleared and there is no other tabs or windows open when trying to sign in. . .

| If you are a global admin, you can associate additional tenants. The users in the new tenants will have access to programs such as MPN benefits, incentives, and referrals. Only the users in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program tenant, have access to CSP.​
Hope this helps troubleshoot your issue! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and any luck let me know. . .
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