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Migration broke my Exchange account

After MPN migration to Partner Center I can no longer connect to my exchange account using Outlook, I used the same email as before but something has been changed on the domain profile that has broken it.
I have been speaking to MS corporate support, but they want $500 support fee to look into it.
I'm posting on here in the hope someone can help me out?

Community Manager

Hi Tony,


Please note I recovered your message from spam.

Our team is checking your migration process and we will get back to you soon.


Kind regards,



Hi Tony, 


Thank you very much for posting on Microsoft Partner Community. 


The migration from Partner Membership Center to Partner Center is done because the new platform has implemented a single sing-on system, which is cloud based and allows you to have only one set of credentials for all the Microsoft websites. Therefore, the migration is not affecting whatsoever the Microsoft Exchange software system. 


For assistance with the Microsoft Exchange product, I recommend contacting the designated support team. If purchased through a retailer, please contact them.
Thank you!