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Microsoft Partner took my payment and has not delivered my software license...Need Help



I called Microsoft a few months ago to purchase a Windows Server 2019 Standard licenses as well as User CALS and they put me in contact with a Microsoft Partner called IT GURUS OF ATLANTA(Microsoft sent me the email from "Microsoft Partner Center <msftpc@microsoft.com>" email address). I have the email trail to prove it and this company is listed as a partner on Microsoft Website, so I assumed everything was fine.

It's been over two months now and I have not received my licenses as I've tried relentlessly to call back the Microsoft partner (IT Gurus of atlanta) and they have stopped responding completely.

For over a week now I have been calling back Microsoft with the number which I got from Microsoft website and every person that I speak with keeps transferring me to another department and saying they cannot help and I need to contact the Microsoft Partner directly.


I am getting absolutely NO HELP and I don't know who to contact now for assistance with getting my license. Microsoft  assigned this partner to me and I have all the proof.


Can anyone help or advise what I can do to get some assistance from Microsoft, because so far, I am getting no help.


Hi @wizardweb ,


Thank you for sharing details about this matter!

Please use this website Microsoft Runs on Trust | Microsoft Integrity to file a complaint if you still cannot establish communication with this partner.


Thank you,


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The Microsoft Partners are still independent companies with their own judicial responsibilities. In your case, you should probably go to the police and BBB or similar and file a formal complaint.


(I don't speak for Microsoft here. We are ourselves an MPN partner).