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Microsoft Credit Services Complaint EMEA

Can anyone please direct we to a formal complaint process with regards to Microsoft Accounts Receivable and Credit Departments?

We have been having an issue with an order we placed and we are not getting any useful feedback.

I emailed a host of email addresses last week and only 1 response from a lady that says that it is not for her region and then forwarding to someone else.

I know a lot of these functions are outsourced but surely there is some way of highlighting to Microsoft that their Outsource partners are not living up to their side of the bargain.

This is the 1st order we placed with Microsoft as a SPLA partner and I must say not satisfied at all!


Re: Microsoft Credit Services Complaint EMEA

Hi Ciska Breedt

I am the Credit and Collections Manager and kindly let me have your details so that I may contact you to see if your issue has been resolved. 

Thank you


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Re: Microsoft Credit Services Complaint EMEA

To whom this may concern,


I am the Account Manager for Fairwinds Credit Union. Both I and their internal teams have had issues getting in contact via phone. Their EA agreement number is 53388187.


This issue is in regards to INV: 9878133865 from May 15th totaling $1,552.50. The client needs a W-9 from Microsoft and pdf of the invoice. Can you assist in this regard? If not can you point me in the direction of an individual who can?


With Kind Regards,

Marvin Barge

Community Manager

Re: Microsoft Credit Services Complaint EMEA

Hi @marvinbarge 


Just sent you a private message.


Thank you,