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How to build a foundation with Microsoft to accelerate your business


Microsoft Action Pack - Unlock a portfolio of resources

The Microsoft Action Pack is portfolio of resources that can jumpstart your business’s growth as you build and scale innovative applications and services. Action Pack includes:  


  • A suite of product licenses to enhance your team’s productivity. 
  • Five hours of proactive, personalized guidance from Microsoft technical consultants to assist you with onboarding, presales, or deep technical scenarios. 
  • Up to 10 product support incidents, which provide break-and-fix troubleshooting assistance to help resolve your customers’ technical issues with on-premises products. 
  • Brand marketing that denotes partnership with Microsoft. 


The Action Pack supplements the turnkey marketing materials, solution-building resources, and unlimited training available through your Microsoft Partner Network membership.  


Partners who specialize in training may opt for Learning Action Pack, which provides tools and licenses uniquely focused on specialized skilling.  


To purchase Microsoft Action Pack or Learning Action Pack, join the Microsoft Partner Network. If you are a member of the network, go to the offers page in Partner Center to subscribe or renew this annual subscription. Pricing information can be found here 


For more information visitBuy or renew Microsoft Action Pack offers - Partner Center | Microsoft Docs