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MPN Account has the wrong tenancy.

Hi All


We recently migrated our microsoft partner account to the new parter center, where I can access the dashboard, manage our subscriptions and add users etc. 


We have an old tenancy with no licensing and a new tenancy with some unused 365 licenses. I have removed ourdomain.com from oldtenancy.onmicrosoft.com and added it to newtenancy.onmicrosoft.com as one domain can not exist on 2 tenancies. 


The issue is now, I can only sign in to the MPN/Dashboard with the user@oldtenancy.onmicrosoft.com and under the settings in the dashboard, specifically azure ad profile/default domain it shows as oldtenancy.onmicrosoft.com and gives me no option to add a new domain or change it, while advising me only a vanity domain can be created.


What I want is users from newtenancy.onmicrosoft.com and mydomain.com to access the MPN/Dashboard and modify existing subs, licenses and add users to the azure AD etc. Basically being able to add mydomain.com users to this mpn account/azure account. 


What can I do to make this happen? Will adding mydomain.com or newtenancy.onmicrosoft.com to custom domains in the new OR old azure ad help? 


Thank you for any help