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Hi Guys,

Maybe you can help me with this question.

We are Microsoft silver partner and today when login to the new MPN dasbord see this message above the dashboard.

The new mandatory security requirement including multi-factor  authentication is in effect for Partner Center starting February 4th, 2019.

What this means for us? we use our 25 E3 licenses for Office365 and our on-prem AD is synced to the Azure.

Do we also have to implement the MFA for accessing the MPN dasboard? if the answer is yes can we enable the MFA on the AD Azure for the users whom accessing the dasboard? or we need AD primium lics?


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I am also coriuos about it.

The news mentioned a yammer group, but my request to join it hasn't been answer for weeks.

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I was told by someone at the end of a 3 hour chat wait that the MFA would involve a text message being sent as well as username and password.

I too signed up to a Yammer group on the suggestion of the partner page and was never contacted.

We have been partners for nearly 15 years and the partner site user experience has always been pretty abysmal.

This site is no different. If you want to learn how build a site to annoy and confuse your customers, this is the place to start learning.



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Don't think its required for MPN dashboard, only for Partner Center access. 
I will also be curious to know if the E3 licenses for Office365 can be used for this.