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How to build a foundation with Microsoft to accelerate your business


Looking for modern ISVs with AI and machine learning that needs backing

It's great and fantastic to be part of this industry! The pace of innovation is high and new stars are born every day!

I am looking for more Microsoft friendly companies that either got a product ready, or are about to develop such and need help to win. I can add help with funding and strategic advice. 

I see great potential in different kind of services that got a significant AI and/or machine learning component as we all know that's the direction for the future.

I am especially looking for services that can be scaled-up which means that deployment work should be almost zero and the service should have a worldwide potential - either direct or indirect through partners. I love if there's some degree of verticalization but I don't rule out if it's horizontal. And of course it needs to be a recurring revenue model.

Taking the right service and package it right, price it right and go big on digital marketing is the way to go. I'm more for massive volume and growth than high prices and only selling a few.

If you're interested to discuss - ping me on per.werngren@acceleratorab.com 


Regards, Per