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IoT in Action Webinar: Powering the Future of Energy Efficiency with IoT

Join us for the IoT in Action webinar, Powering the Future of Energy Efficiency with IoT on July 31st, 2018.

During the webinar, you will learn how the energy industry benefits from a myriad of IoT use cases, both on the consumer level and the industrial level. You will also learn how Microsoft is leading smart energy and digital transformation initiatives with Azure IoT.

Register now for the upcoming 60-minute webinar. 

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Learn and Apply:

  • Ways to improve energy efficiency with Azure IoT
  • How Microsoft and energy partners are shaping the future of energy by leveraging smart energy technology to improve power reliability and revolutionize the approach to automated data collection
  • Methods for leveraging IoT principles to deliver insights into the health and performance of essential equipment

Learn more about the event and register here.