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IoT in Action: Barcelona, October 15th 2018

Join us at the IoT in Action event in Barcelona, Spain on October 15th, 2018.

This one-day IoT in Action event expands the IoT conversation to include Edge, Cloud, Machine Learning and AI solutions while also exploring the latest concepts and trends that simplify the development of IoT solutions. You will also be to meet and collaborate with Microsoft’s customers and partner ecosystem to build and deploy new IoT solutions that can be used to change the world around us.

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Learn and Apply:

  • The different modalities and economics of transforming your business model through IoT
  • How to build enterprise-grade repeatable solutions through hands-on technical sessions for Azure IoT Central and Azure IoT Hub
  • Methods for leveraging innovative Third Party Solution Accelerators to shorten time to market and improve ROI
  • The complexity of IoT security and how to address its challenges using Azure Sphere

Learn more about the event and register here.