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ISV with new and innovative ‘Return to the post-Covid workplace’ solution seeking partner

Originally conceived as a sensor-based desk and meeting room booking system, ‘Where’s Free?’ now tells people ‘Where’s Safe?’ in the post-Covid workplace. Rather than requiring the deployment of a separate database, the solution leverages the rich data already available in customer organisations’ Microsoft Exchange implementations. As a result, the system is able to tell users ‘Who’s Free?’ and ‘When’s Good?’ in addition to ‘Where’s Free?’


Our response to the current pandemic has been to add integrations to further sensor-based subsystems, giving customers a choice of property tech solutions for occupancy detection. The integration with a market-leading (according to Gartner’s Indoor Locating Solutions 2020 Report) Real Time Locating System adds functionality highly relevant to organisations seeking to reopen their offices and reassure their people that the workplace is safe. End-users (any member of an organisation with an MS Outlook account) can now be shown ‘Where’s Safe?’ in the post-pandemic workplace.


Learn more at Marketplace: 'Where's Free?' enterprise software pack (microsoft.com)