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How to renew competency in Partner Center


Our company profile was migrated from Partner Membership Center to Partner Center.

Now we need to renew our competency but all required actions seems to be missing from the new Partner Center.

We have to associate Certified Personnels and assign them to competency, but can't find any way to do that.

Old PMC has all the required functions, but those are all disabled.

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Hi Ville,

We just went through the competency renewal and I will be happy to have a chat. Please recah out to me if you still have questions. 


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Hi Sharon,

If you have been able renew a competency using this "fancy new Partner Center", everyone would greatly appreciate if you would enlighten us!

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Hi VilleF,

If it wasn't so sad it would be funny, have spent 6 weeks of email tennis with Microsoft Support for Programms and Benfits  - and still can't renew

Am trying the online support now (currently 62nd in queue!!!) - so I think the new renewal method is Partners should tie the money to a Pigeons Leg and hope it lands in a Microsoft Office somewhere!!!

If you got sorted and have a solution please let me know.

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Hi Sharon,

could you please share how to assign certified specialists in new partner center dashboard?


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Share this link to user for update partner user profile. 


after login from user add or link technical assessment,training and mcp linked email id in profile