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How to build a foundation with Microsoft to accelerate your business

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How to differentiate your business

stock photo differentiate biz.jpgHow can Microsoft resources help me differentiate my business?

Your business offers unique value but perhaps you need help communicating that value and standing out to customers. Let Microsoft guide you! This post provides information on how our resources can help you differentiate your business. Be sure to check out the three key takeaways at the end so you don’t miss anything.

The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) offers a variety of resources you can leverage to grow your business. Check out the four key ways in which those resources can help you rise above the competition.


  • Generate more opportunities – As we mentioned in a previous post, Microsoft can help you evolve your business model. Explore how Microsoft can assist you in building intellectual property, offering managed services, or adding a new practice. For detailed information on creating packaged, scalable IPs, take a look at our playbooks.
  • Drive better engagement – Let Microsoft help you promote your business. Utilize the Smart Partner Marketing site, marketing assets, and information on modern sales and marketing to get your unique message out there. Check out the post on how to leverage these resources: Lean on Microsoft marketing resources.
  • Build stronger connections – Building partnerships with other organizations can help you differentiate your business. Be sure to stay connected by perusing partner blogs, reading success stories, and connecting to social networks.
  • Train Smarter – Use our extensive training to help you stand out from the crowd. Consider achieving a competency or certification to make you more discoverable. Or utilize any of the many free trainings available to learn how to address your customer challenges. Find out more by reading our past post, What training does Microsoft offer?


Want to focus on resources that are relevant to a specific product or industry? We’ve consolidated that information for you. Follow the links below for detailed information on the area you need.

  • Products – Explore the range of Microsoft products which can help you connect with your customers. Use Azure to build, deploy, and manage applications.
  • Practice Areas – Learn more about building IT or Security practices to allow you to expand your offerings. Check out the playbooks on developing, analyzing, managing, and securing an effective cloud practice.
  • Industry Solutions – Whether its manufacturing, education, financial services, or another sector, cloud based technologies are transforming the way your customers work. Click on each practice to explore marketing campaigns and assets specific to that area. Having the right tools for your audience will enable you to go to market faster, reach the right customers, and ultimately grow your business.
  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program - Consider joining the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to connect with an indirect provider so you can offer more services to your customers.
  • Licensing – Find out more about licensing agreements, product licensing, and financing.

Three key takeaways

  1. Microsoft can help you differentiate your business through its many resources. Find out how.
  2. Leverage the library of marketing resources and check out the latest blogs to learn more.
  3. Having the right information for your audience is key. Microsoft offers solution oriented resources.

Are you already on your way to differentiating your business? Share your story here! Or post any questions you still have.

Level 6 Contributor

Differentiating his business is not doing the job like other partners, its requires to do more than just what is needed to get the job done in terms of cost, time and budget for the customers. It may be a single logo or a design.

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Differentiation is very important for business growth, I also agree that how you communicate that differentiation is key. Knowing your market and their unmet needs can help you to understand how you can be different or how you are different from your competitors.


How you commnuicate this differentiation is also very important. You may on the face of it be doing, say, some SharePoint or Office 365 work that looks similar to a rival or competitor. But if you where to ask your customers why they chose you, why they like working with your team, or what is special about how you operate, I bet you'd get a bunch of interesting information.

So communicating this sort of stuff to new clients is key. 

I often say to partners that they have already done the hard bit. The fact that they are in business at all, or have happy clients, means they have something unnique they ca talk about it. The harder bit is making sure you actually do talk about it!


Great point Chris!

Differentiation is one crucial key for success! You need to stand out with the better offerings! Just copy-paste will never take you to success! 

Microsoft have great resources and reading material for partners and I'm pleased to see this being highlighted!


Regards, Per