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Partnership 101

How to build a foundation with Microsoft to accelerate your business

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How does Microsoft partner support work?


What are my support options?

When managing or growing your business, you need to feel confident that you can get the support you need to build your cloud practices and serve your customers. Have no fear, Microsoft has your back! Read this post for tips on technical and general support. Be sure to check out the three key takeaways at the end.

Technical support

Take advantage of all the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) technical benefits. As part of your MPN Program membership (Microsoft Action Pack level and above), you receive technical presales assistance, advisory hours, and technical support incidents. Learn how to make those most out of your benefits:

  • Technical Presales and Deployment Services – Engage in a technical journey to help you successfully build new cloud workloads. Let us guide you through a suite of remote technical training, personalized technical consultations and live chat focused on real-world scenarios to help you accelerate customer sales and deployments and develop new apps. Engage with Microsoft technical experts throughout your journey to plan and execute seamless solutions by using your technical presales assistance and advisory hours benefits. You can also register for a webinar. Just visit the site, explore topics, and click on “Register for webcast” for detailed information on each.
  • Support Incidents- Product support incidents are included for Gold competency, Silver competency, and Microsoft Action Pack subscription holders. Find out more information on submitting a technical support incident for specific products.
  • Signature Cloud Support - An exclusive technical benefit that provides qualified cloud competency partners with an elevated level of technical support for select Microsoft cloud products. You will receive access to technical support engineers who will work directly with you, have extensive product-specific knowledge, and are accountable for driving cases from start to finish.

Are there more levels of technical support?

Yes, if your organization requires additional support, consider one of the following paid options:

  • Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) – Get cloud support at an accessible price point to help you grow your business faster. The program includes valuable proactive and reactive services delivered by experienced Services Account Managers and Partner Technical Consultants.
  • Premier Support for Partners (PSfP) - Receive complete, end-to-end managed support across the full Microsoft platform. PSfP provides flexible solutions that help differentiate your business by enabling you to expand capabilities, collaborate more strategically with Microsoft, and empower your customers to make the most out of their Microsoft investments. Focused on your success, the program’s newly expanded feature set is designed to help you build and augment your capabilities in the cloud.

For a recap of available technical support offers, watch this video. If you’re still not sure which is best for you, compare our service offerings.

General support

General help is always available too! Check out these resources anytime you have questions or need more information.

  • MPN Partner Frontline SupportFormerly the Regional Service Center (RSC), this is a wonderful place to get the help you seek. They can answer all your onboarding and program questions, including Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). During local business hours, start a chat session with a live agent from most MPN pages. Simply click on the “Start chat” button in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Partner Support Community – The partner support community enables partners like you to share their valuable knowledge. You can post questions, follow discussions, share your knowledge, and search for answers! Microsoft agents are available here to help you out as well.

Three key takeaways

  1. General support for partners is always available. Ask our live agents any questions by contacting MPN Partner Frontline Support
  2. Microsoft offers comprehensive technical support. Find out more at Microsoft Support and discover the right level for you.
  3. Start your technical journey to build or expand on a cloud practice by engaging with Microsoft technical experts.

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