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How do I build my technical capabilities faster?

Whether you are new to the cloud, have an established cloud practice but need deeper technical capabilities, or are looking to build additional cloud workloads or practices, it may feel like a daunting task to build your technical capabilities. Where do you start? Who can help you? Are there technical resources that understand your partner business? What if you have a hot customer deal that you need immediate help with?

Look no further! Let me introduce you to technical journeys. Technical journeys are available by practice area and provide Microsoft Action Pack and competency partners with a recommended path of technical presales and deployment services as you get started, build and operate your business, or plan, build and deploy your apps.

Three ways to engage

Cloud Infrastructure & Management technical journey.JPGBuild technical knowledge at your own pace and get the help you need, when you need it, by receiving hands-on learning through virtual white-boarding, architecture reviews, technical guidance and shadowing:

  1. Technical training – remote, interactive webcasts allow you to ask clarifying questions as you learn
  2. Technical consultations – one-to-one technical guidance through screen sharing for deep review of your customer’s or your app development environment
  3. Dev Chat – chat live with technical experts to get quick answers to app development questions

To access technical journeys, leverage your Microsoft Partner Network technical presales & deployment services benefits


Technical training       

Technical consultations

Dev Chat

Action Pack        


·       5 partner advisory hours (presales/deployment)                  




·       20 partner advisory hours (deployment)

·       Unlimited technical presales




·       50 partner advisory hours (deployment)

·       Unlimited technical presales



Can’t wait to get started?

We can’t wait for you to engage with our global team of technical experts. Select the practice area(s) of most interest to you to start your technical journey today: 

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to build your technical capabilities faster through the partner-centric technical resources! If you have questions on how to engage, post them here.


Re: How do I build my technical capabilities faster?

This is great news!

Would be wonderful if we could do something similar around your P2P Journey and I'm happy to be part of making it happen as I'm super-passionare about this topic!

Being great at P2P and know how to swing it will help your revenue grow big time - don't know if it's 3.59x or more! :-)


Regards, Per

Community Manager

Re: How do I build my technical capabilities faster?

That is a great idea @PerWerngren. Adding @Hannah_Garland  - we can relay this back to the team.