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How can I contact partner support?

Hi everyone,

I have a problem that really drives my crazy. We are a new Gold partner since end of March this year and we're still waiting for the welcome package including the partner flag etc.

In the PMC, the shipping history states a shipping date of future.

Now I would like to call or email some real human to ask her about this. And I just cannot find a way to do this. There's no phone number anywhere, no email address as well. When I use the Support function, it always ends with an error message that states "Don't worry, we will be back." This message is there since weeks and it doesn't go away.

Is there any way to contact a real human being either using the phone or with a working email address? A few year ago, when I was responsible for communication with Microsoft for another company, this was nice and easy and we even had a personal contact. This is all gone now and my personal contact is called Cortana now???

If anyone of you has a contact information for the German Regional Service Center it would be very much appreciated.




Hi @fabiansoufi! I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a difficult time. Let me look into a solution, and I'll circle back with you shortly. 

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Hi @TJ_Westre,

did you have a chance to look for a phone number or email? Because I am still looking for a solution.