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Gold ISV - Selling SQL Server - Direct and via Channel - Questions


I work for a Development Company and we develop ERP software (and others) based on Microsoft Technologies.

We are a Gold Partner with 1000's of customers.

Our primary focus is developing the software and we generally (99%) have our software sold to customers via a Business Partner channel.

We would like to offer our customers and channel with SQL Server software as part of our services. All of our channel partners sell Microsoft Products also and we would like to get some sort of recognition or credit for these sales as majority of the time we are assisting them with the sale and configurations. I am unsure if this type of service exists but I vaguely remember a PSX whereby leads were logged etc. and % credits were available etc.?

I have contacted various departments throughout Microsoft with very little to no response.

Currently we are signed up with Dicker Data as a distributor and I was hoping someone could assist me with what the next steps are...please.

Any direction would be much appreciated.