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Extremely Poor Partner Support in regards to renewals

Renewing our partnership with Microsoft has never been easy. We deal with a lot of non-profits and support thousands of Office 365 seats through the CSP program. Every year Microsoft fails to pick up our new clients and the endless struggle begins with support folks who do not speak English as their primary language, live and work in a different time zone, and, quite frankly, do not appear to give a **bleep**. A few years ago, some kind soul in the US put a grandfather clause on our new client acquisition requirement after seeing the flaw in their reporting.

 We still started our November renewal process in September because of the potential of months of phone calls and emails with a hugely sub-standard support group. After two years of fairly painless renewal I was a little late to start this year. When I began in early October I was presented with a huge surprise. A new renewal process on a new portal. While the old portal showed we were fully qualified to renew, the new portal did not. Again, valid, paying clients were not showing up as net new. To make it worse, you cannot start your renewal until your old renewal, AND LICENSES, have expired.

 We are now almost two months into this process with absolutely no progress after repeated requests to escalate our case. We go days with our responses to our emails. We have made no progress and cannot find anyone to help us. We have a team meeting scheduled today to decide if we should even bother with our renewal. We have surveyed our clients and they seem to not care if we are Microsoft partners, and most never knew that we were.

 I have been thinking what other vendor requires us to pay them to do business and then treats us like dirt?

 Anyone else having the same issue?